About Getap

Restaurant and Hotel complex ʺ Getapʺ has been in service since 1995. It is situated in one of the most beautiful places of Armenia - in Dilijan by the river Aghsteve. The complex is located in ecologically clean and beautiful area not far from the center of Dilijan. The nature, clean oxygen-rich air, staff's attentive and friendly attitude will make your rest unforgettable. Restaurant and Hotel Complex ʺGetapʺ with its modern and elegant design is a perfect place for your family holidays.

If you are tired of office hassles and the rhythm of constantly growing city then holiday in Dilijan is just what you need. Restaurant and Hotel complex ʺGetapʺ invites to spend your leisure in indescribable beautiful nature. Complex will mainly attract international guests, who can be settled in comfortable rooms where all conditions are created for fun and full rest. The rest in nature is a chance to be away of everyday trifles and have a real repose, and to get it one doesn't have to reach the pole but go to ʺGetapʺ in Dilijan.

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